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Health Professionals


AlluLite Rare™ brings you the closest ingredient in the world to sugar without the downsides. AlluLite Rare sugar tastes like sugar without calories, glycemic effect, or digestive upset. Rare sugar, Rare gummys, and Rare bean-to-bar chocolate prove that a healthy life can also be delicious.

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More about Allulose

Allulose (d-Psicose) is the primary ingredient in Rare Sugar particles.  You consume allulose in small quantities whenever you eat foods like raisins, figs, or maple syrup.  It is absorbed by the body but not metabolized. As such it is a zero calorie sugar (0.2 calories per gram; considered 0 calorie by the FDA).  Studies also link allulose to weight loss, and diabetic health.

Allulose Absorbed but not Metabolized

Tate & Lyle performed a study on the absorption of Allulose in humans, summarized below.

Allulose is absorbed but not metabolized


Allulose Blood Glucose Response

Tate & Lyle Clinical Research provides the following analysis.  Blood glucose and insulin response are shown below, comparing allulose to glucose in subjects with and without diabetes.

The following study suggests that allulose suppresses postprandial glucose response.

Study on the Postprandial Blood Glucose Suppression Effect of D-Psicose in Borderline Diabetes and the Safety of Long-Term Ingestion by Normal Human Subjects

Allulose Effect on GLP-1

Additionally, other studies characterize the effect of allulose on GLP-1. (Nature Communications: GLP-1 release and vagal afferent activation mediate the beneficial metabolic and chronotherapeutic effects of D-allulose)

Allulose and Weight Loss

Allulose has also been shown to lead to weight loss and fat loss.
d-Allulose enhances postprandial fat oxidation in healthy humans
A Preliminary Study for Evaluating the Dose-Dependent Effect of d-Allulose for Fat Mass Reduction in Adult Humans: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial.
The latter study shows dose dependency, with summary charts below.

Allulose and Dental Health

Preventive effect of rare sugars against dental caries and periodontal disease

More about Sunfiber Hydrolized Guar Gum

SunFiber is a regulating, natural fiber, which means that it improves both conditions of constipation and diarrhea. SunFiber is used in all Rare products, including every particle of Rare sugar.

SUNFIBER – B2C from Wylde On Health on Vimeo.


More about DuPont B420 “HOWARU” Weight Management Probiotic (Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis 420)

Each piece of our Rare Fine Artisan, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate contains 10 billion CFU B. Lactis B420, which has been linked to a healthy gut microbiome and weight loss.

Probiotic With or Without Fiber Controls Body Fat Mass, Associated With Serum Zonulin, in Overweight and Obese Adults-Randomized Controlled Trial.