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AlluLite Rare™ Advanced Nutrition Confections

Real, rare sugar-sweetened treats, without the calories, glycemic-impact, or health consequences of added-sugar!

America’s consumption of added-sugars is contributing to a surge in chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and more. Most of us try to follow our doctor’s or dietician’s nutrition advice to cut the calories and the sugar. But it’s easy to get derailed by indulgent treats. But not any more!

AlluLite Rare™ Advanced Nutrition Confections Are Different—Formulated with a special, zero-net impact added-sugar called allulose.

Only AlluLite Rare™ replaces traditional added-sugars with advanced, rare sugar allulose, one of many different sugars that exist in nature. It has the same sweet taste and texture as regular sugar, but with zero-calories and no glycemic effect. As a no-guilt sweet treat, AlluLite Rare™ is ideal for reducing added-sugars from your diet, for managing diabetes, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle.* Allulose is FDA GRAS approved, safe for children and people with diabetes.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA. AlluLite™ has not been shown to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Talk to your doctor, dietitian, or healthcare professional.

Allulose is Non-Glycemic! Clinical studies show allulose does not raise blood sugar or insulin in healthy adults nor in people with type 2 diabetes.

Allulose is Real Sugar—Absorbed, But Not Metabolized!

Allulose (aka D-Psicose, D-Allulose, D-Ribo-2-hexulose, C6H12O6) is a monosaccharide sugar found in micro quantities in nature–plants like dates, figs, raisins and real maple syrup.

First identified more than 70 years ago, it’s classified as a ketohexose sugar, an epimer of fructose in which the hydroxyl on the third carbon is rotated. A simple sugar with a slight natural twist.

The impact on human metabolism is that allulose is absorbed, but not metabolized, and is primarily excreted intact in the urine. This is what gives allulose its zero calories (0.2 kcal/g to be exact, nutritionally insignificant) and also what leads to no rise in blood glucose.

Allulose shows clinical benefits of aiding weight loss shown in the study below:

AlluLite Rare™ also contains weight management probiotics clinically shown to aid weight loss. (10B** CFU B. lactis B420™)
**At time of manufacture

How to Read the Label—Clarifying Nutrition Facts on the back of every package.

Allulose is a non-impact, “Zero-Net Added-Sugar.” Subtract it from full-impact carbs & added sugars.

Because allulose is a real sugar molecule (monosaccharide), it’s classified as an added sugar on the AlluLite Rare™ Nutrition Facts Panel, despite its zero-calorie, non glycemic impact.

Allulose should be subtracted to isolate the full-impact sugars and carbs that really matter.

Until a change to its classification is granted, health professionals and consumers can easily calculate the simple math to find the real sugar/carbs intake … on every package of AlluLite Rare™ (as shown). Simply subtract allulose from the totals. It’s a zero-net added sugar.